Would you like your daughter to become our next FGC Brand Rep?

On occasion we're on the lookout for a few fresh and happy faces to represent and help spread the love for Fabulous Girl Clothing.  If you and your daughter have a true love for FGC and all we stand for, then you might be good candidates to work with us.

Operative Words:  Happy  *  Represent  *  Love  *  Work

We'd love nothing more than to send you a bundle of lovely clothing and fabulous treats to photograph your daughter in.  We're needing mommies that are serious, organized, ready to work and fired up to be a part of our team.  Our dream is for your girls to love to live in our clothing while making their fondest girlyhood memories.  

We're looking for the extraordinary combination of mommy and daughter!

We need a mommy that:

  • has a true love and enthusiasm for our brand, style and values
  • has a talent for taking clean, crisp and bright photos that fit our brand's aesthetic
  • is willing to share with us a minimum of 7 high quality images within 10 days of receiving FGC goods: a mix lifestlye shots and flat lays are required
  • has a great eye for styling
  • has a minimum of 500 Instagram followers
  • has  a public Instagram feed and/or Facebook page, must be willing to share  FGC images on each regularly during term of contract
  • has Facebook BST presence with admins/team members that can promote our brand, new launches, events,  promotions, etc.
  • is willing to become a regular and active participant on our BST page
  • has nothing but respect and love for small shops and homegrown USA brands
  • is easy to work with & is trustworthy

We need a daughter that:

  • is a happy girl
  • loves to be photographed
  • smiles for the camera
  • loves to play 
  • enjoys wearing cute clothing
  • likes being in the spotlight
  • currently fits properly into clothing between the sizes of 2 through 8  

    Here's the Fabulous Deal!

    In return for your images, brand support and enthusiasm via social media you will receive:

    • one or two free outfits per month to model & promote
    • 50% discount on one regular priced item per month 
    • 20% discount for friends and family for duration of contract

     *You understand & agree that by entering our search this serves as a 3 month contract;  further you agree to purchase at least ONE item during the contract period.

    To Enter:

    1.  Make sure you follow us @FabulousGirlClothing on Instagram and Facebook

    2.  Find and like our most recent "Brand Rep" post on Instagram 

    3.  Re-post our Brand Rep image making sure to mention us:  #fgcbrandrep and #brandrepsearch

    4.  Please enter at least 2 recent images of your daughter that showcase your camera & styling skills using #fgcbrandrep and #brandrep

    5.  Include your daughter's name or nickname, size and anything else you'd like to share with  us.

    6.  On our IG page under our most recent brand rep image, comment when done

      No DM, PM, or emails regarding our our brand rep search please.  Comment on brand rep posts only.

      My team and I will take a peek and announce the reps within 3 business days of stated end date for search.  

      If you're still reading this, we applaud you for your true interest and thank you for your time!

      Wrapping it up . . .

      Fabulous Girl Clothing, is a boutique line of girls clothing that is vintage inspired, handmade in small batches & lovingly "homegrown" in the USA . We believe that a properly dressed girl is a confident and empowered girl. FGC is all about “Embracing Girlyhood” one adorable dress at a time.  It is our hope and dream to make every little girl feel as Fabulous as she truly is!

      Our FGC Brand Rep Campaign is another way we can connect with our customer base.  We love nothing more than getting to know our biggest fans and truest friends!   We want to say a heartfelt “Thank You” for your continued support of our homegrown brand.  We appreciate you!

      She is clothed with strength and dignity, she laughs without fear of the future-

      Proverbs 31:25